Lesson Plan

Breaking Apart to Put Back Together

Make multiplication a snap with this hands-on math lesson! Your students will learn how to easily multiply large numbers using base-ten blocks and the strategy of breaking apart by place value.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to apply the breaking apart strategy to solve multiplication problems involving up to four-digit numbers. Students will be able to use their understanding of place value when breaking apart a larger multiplication problem and putting the answers together to find a solution.


(10 minutes)
  • Tell your students that they will need to apply their understanding of place value throughout today's lesson.
  • Spend a few minutes reviewing place value before getting into the actual lesson. Great examples of questions you could ask are: What is place value? How is understanding place value helpful when completing math problems?
  • Write a two-digit number on the board, such as 64. Ask your students how they could break this number down by place value or expanded notation. Remind students that expanded notation means writing a number to show the value of each digit.
  • Write the two-digit number in expanded form. For example: 64 = 60 + 4. Make sure your students understand that these numbers came from identifying the total of tens and ones in the number.
  • Do this same process for a few more increasingly larger numbers, such as: 79, 234, 1456.