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Calling All Homophones

Write right with homophones! This interactive lesson will help students with their understanding of homophones by differentiating homophones through motion and how they are used in sentences.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify homophone pairs.


(5 minutes)
Calling all Homophones
  • Gather students together, and show them a book featuring Amelia Bedelia. Have students identify the persistent problem Amelia Bedelia has. Explain that she has a problem with words that sound similar but mean different things, called homophones.
  • Write and underline the words "maid" and "made" on the board. Point to "maid" and tell students Amelia's job was being a maid. Point to "made" and explain that Amelia made mistakes. Tell students that maid and made are homophones.

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