Lesson Plan

Can You Prove It? Facts and Opinions!

This lesson introduces students to the differences between facts and opinions in an interactive way. Education.com worksheets are used to reinforce the concepts taught in this lesson.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify facts and opinions and explain why each is a fact or opinion.


(5 minutes)
Facts and OpinionsFact or Opinion? The Blobfish and More
  • Write the following sentence on the board: My friend's favorite color is yellow.
  • Distribute the index cards, and ask each student to write "pre-assessment" at the top of one of her cards.
  • Underneath, have students write down whether they think the sentence on the board is a fact or an opinion. Remind them to explain their answers.
  • Take a vote to determine what most students believe. Allow volunteers to say a few words defending their opinion.
  • Have students put aside their card. Build anticipation by letting them know that you'll reveal the correct answer at the end of the lesson.