Lesson Plan

Caring for Our Classroom Community

In this lesson, students will discuss what it means to care for others, practice heartfulness and create a kindness bear puppet.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to practice heartfulness and discuss how they can be caring with their words and deeds.


(10 minutes)
  • Join students together in a circle, seated or standing.
  • Introduce your completed puppet to the class.
  • Have the bear puppet ask the class, "What does it mean to be caring?"
  • Have the bear ask, "How does it feel when someone else cares for you?"
  • Ask, "What are some caring and kind words to say to others?"
  • Write these words on the board.
  • Explain that you will play a song about caring and that the students will walk or dance around the room. When the music stops each student will stop and say a caring and kind word to another student.
  • Have the bear puppet model for students how to dance to the music and then to pause when the music stops and to say caring words to the class.
  • Play the "Caring Song" and ask the class to stand up to move around the room.
  • Pause the music and ask students to get together with one other friend and to say a few kind and caring words to them.
  • Continue to play and pause the music to share caring words two to three more times.
  • Bring the class back together in a circle.
  • Ask, "What was that like? How did it feel to say and hear caring words?"