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Cause and Effect: The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Your students may know about Rosa Parks, but do they know about the Montgomery Bus Boycott that her famous action inspired? Enhance students' knowledge of this important part of the Civil Rights movement while teaching cause and effect.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to explain the effects of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


(10 minutes)
The Montgomery Bus BoycottCause and Effect Graphic Organizer
  • Have students turn and talk with a partner to share what they know about Rosa Parks.
  • Have several students share what they discussed with the whole class.
  • Ask students what they know about the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Most likely, students will know less about this than they knew about Rosa Parks. Tell students that they will be learning more about this boycott today and how it is related to Rosa Parks.
  • Tell students that a boycott is the refusal to buy goods or services as a protest.
  • Ask students how a boycott might effect a business in a negative way. Have some students share their thoughts with the class.

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