Lesson Plan

Chemistry Is Marie Curie

Marie Curie’s monumental achievements in chemistry and physics are remarkable. In this lesson, your students will read two accounts of her life, integrate the details, and assess the importance of having more than one source of information.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to discuss and cite information from two texts on the same topic.


(5 minutes)
Women in History: Marie CurieAll About Marie Curie
  • Ask students to consider the work and roles that women are seldom recognized for doing, or which they have yet to do. (This could include playing football for the NFL, playing baseball for the MLB, playing basketball for the NBA, or serving as president of the United States.)
  • Say, “Imagine you were watching a football or a baseball game and all of a sudden a woman started playing on your favorite team. What would you think? Would it be shocking? Would you appreciate the change?"
  • Tell students that today they are going to learn about a woman who did something that had never been done by a woman, and it was just as shocking at the time as it might be today to spot a woman playing for a professional football team.
  • Explain to students that this woman, Marie Curie, was a pioneering scientist who won two Nobel Peace Prizes, one in physics and another in chemistry.