Lesson Plan

Chinese New Year’s Great Money Count

During the Chinese New Year, giving red envelopes full of money is a custom that symbolizes good luck. Use this lesson to teach your students about holiday traditions as they practice counting money.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to count money to determine a given amount.


(15 minutes)
  • Ask students how they celebrate the New Year in their culture. Explain to students that each culture has different traditions.

  • Call students together and read Sam and the Lucky Money.

  • Ask comprehension questions during the read aloud to engage students:

  • Who did Sam meet during the celebration?

  • What did Sam learn during the festivities?

  • How do you think the main character changed during the story?

  • Ask students to think about times when kids receive money and what they do when they get it.

  • Record answers on a t-chart for students to see.

  • Tell students that today they are going to practice counting money, which is something people often do when they receive money as a gift or if they earn it from doing chores or jobs.

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