Lesson Plan

Comparing and Contrasting Two Characters Across Fiction Texts

In this lesson, you will share with your students two books that emphasize the beauty and power of music. They will also meet two unique characters that they will compare and contrast by referencing specific examples from the texts.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to compare and contrast two characters from two different fiction texts.


(5 minutes)
Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram
  • Write the names of two characters from two different fiction stories on the board. Tip: select characters that all students are familiar with such as characters from recent read-alouds, literature circles, etc.
  • Ask students to think about some of the ways in which we can compare and contrast these two characters (e.g., physical traits, interests, personality traits, etc.).
  • Discuss some of the similarities and differences between these two characters.
  • Tell students that today we will listen to two stories and compare and contrast characters from each story.