Lesson Plan

Comparing Whales

Help your kindergarten students learn about comparing and contrasting nonfiction texts in this fun under-the-sea-themed lesson plan.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to compare and contrast information from two nonfiction texts.


(5 minutes)
Nonfiction Compare & Contrast
  • Begin by showing students pictures of two shapes (e.g., square and a rectangle). Ask them what is similar about the two and what is different.
  • Record student thinking on a blank Venn diagram drawn on the board. Explain to students that when we find things that are the same it is called comparing and when we find the things that are different, it is called contrasting. When we want to compare or contrast we use a special organizer to help us called a Venn diagram.
  • Tell students that when we compare and contrast two books on the same topic, we can learn even more about that topic.