Lesson Plan

Constructing Crazy Halloween Sentences

Your students will turn into crazy Halloween sentence making machines with this fun lesson on constructing complete sentences. Students will practice making and mixing subjects and predicates - and the results will have you all ROTFL.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn how to identify a complete sentence and a fragment.

  • Students will learn the two parts of a complete sentence: subjects and predicates.

  • Students will learn how to identify and practice crafting subjects and predicates.


(5 minutes)
  • Ask students to consider creating a new kind of hybrid animal where they can interchange the head and body of different animals. Some examples: Centaur (upper body of a human, lower body of a horse), or a mermaid (upper body of a human, lower body of a fish). Generate some fun ideas as a class.
  • Explain that sentences have two halves, too, and they can be interchanged. Tell them they will be swapping parts of sentences to create new ones that have never been thought of before.