Lesson Plan

Get Crafty! Combining Sentences

Give your class the "write" stuff! In this lesson, your students will learn to master combining sentences using sentences with the same subjects or predicates.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to combine sentences with common subjects or predicates.


(5 minutes)
Get Crafty: Combining SentencesCombinations
  • Explain to your students that today they will be learning how to combine, or put together, two sentences to make their writing more interesting.
  • Ask the class some questions to review what goes into a complete sentence. For example: What is a complete sentence? What is a subject? What is a predicate?
  • Define subject as what or whom the sentence is about. Define predicate as the part of speech that tells something about the subject.
  • If necessary, write a simple sentence on the board to give your class an example of a subject and a predicate within the context of a sentence.
  • Tell the class they will use what this knowledge to try a new writing strategy called combining sentences. Remind the class that they can combine two sentences only when they have a common subject or a common predicate.
  • Hold up the ball, or object of your choice, and show it to the class. Give a verbal example of two simple sentences, then one combined sentence. For example: This ball is green. This ball is round. I can combine those two sentences by saying, "This ball is green and round."