Lesson Plan

Creating a Behavior Contract in Your Classroom

In this lesson, students collaborate to create a class-wide behavior contract. With your guidance, your class will develop and implement their own set of classroom rules.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to produce a behavior contract as a guiding document for their school year.


(6 minutes)
  • Tell your class that today they'll be talking about rules for the classroom.
  • Ask for a volunteer to tell everyone what rules are. After some discussion, define rules as guidelines or regulations for conduct or action.
  • Instruct your class to think about past classroom rules they’ve known, current school rules, and even rules they have at home. Have your students turn and share those rules with each other.
  • Get students attention and have volunteers share out rules.
  • As students share out, use markers and blank chart paper to write out the rules given.