Lesson Plan

Creating an Informative Picture Book

With this integrated lesson, your students will organize information and write an informative book about your current science unit. This lesson will help strengthen student writing while also reviewing and summarizing your current science unit.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to organize information with a web organizer and write an informative text with a topic, facts and definitions that develop points, and a concluding statement.


(10 minutes)
  • Tell students, "Today we are going to use what we’ve learned in science to make our very own informative books."
  • Explain: An informative book gives information to the reader. Usually informative writing helps the reader learn something new.
  • Tell them they'll be writing about... (recent science lesson or unit).
  • Explain that before beginning the writing process, students will build their books.
  • Hand out 11" x 17" paper to each student.
  • Demonstrate how to make a smush book (see resources for instructions) and guide or assist students as they each make their own smush book. This is an easy way to make a book with only one sheet of paper and no binding.
  • Instruct students to set their book aside.