Lesson Plan

Dairy Farms

Cows do more than just moo on the farm. They allow us to make dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. In this lesson, students will learn about how dairy farms provide milk from cows to create nutritious foods.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will know the steps it takes for the dairy farm to get milk from a cow, what foods are made from milk, and how to make homemade butter.


(10 minutes)
  • Activate prior knowledge by asking your class about products that are made from milk.
  • Read Out and About at the Dairy Farm aloud to your students.
  • Ask your students questions to gauge listening comprehension. Suggestions include: What did you learn in this story? What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Show your class images of real-life dairy farm with the book, A Day the Dairy Farm.
  • Be sure to show them how cows have to be kept clean just like us, and need food to grow. Show the children the picture of silage, and tell them it is made from corn.