Lesson Plan

Diving into Earth's Oceans

Get your students excited about geography with a lesson on Earth's oceans. After reading two different texts, they'll be ready to dive right into ocean paragraph writing.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to identify Earth's oceans and distinguishing facts about each one.
  • Students will be able to integrate information from two different sources in order to write a paragraph about an ocean they would like to explore.


(10 minutes)
World OceansAsking Questions: KWL Chart
  • Tell students that they will be diving into learning about Earth's oceans and considering features of a strong paragraph.
  • Draw a **KWL chart ** (on the board or chart paper,) and remind students that this is a way to organize their learning. We can record what we know (K), what we want to know (W), and what we've learned (L).
  • Ask students what they already know about oceans. Record this information in the K column. (Tip: Remind students that complete sentences are not needed on the chart. Notes and phrases are fine here, but if they were writing paragraphs these details would require complete sentences.)
  • Ask students what they want to know about Earth's oceans. Record these questions in the W column.
  • Ask students where they could find information to these questions. Be sure that maps, globes, books, and reputable websites are mentioned.