Lesson Plan

Dizzy Decimals

Students will be introduced to the tenths place value while converting fractions during this fun and interactive lesson.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to convert tenths fractions into decimals.


(15 minutes)
Tenths Place
  • Hand out graph paper to each student and have them write their name on the paper.
  • Tell the students they will be using their knowledge of fractions to write numbers using decimals.
  • Ask for 10 volunteers to come to the front of the classroom.
  • As you choose students to come to the front, identify a like characteristic of the students. Example: 4 students have brown hair.
  • Ask the students that are sitting how many students out of the ten have a like characteristic and write the number as a fraction on the board. Example: 4 students have brown hair so you would write 4/10 on the board.
  • Repeat the above process after you switch volunteers and have at least 4 to 5 different fractions written on the board.

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