Lesson Plan

Do First Grade Opinions Matter?

Do your students respect their peers' opinions? This lesson teaches first graders that their opinions matter by encouraging them to write out opinions and back them up with reasons.
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Learning Objectives

Students will learn their opinions do matter in a classroom community of first graders.


(5 minutes)
  • Gather your students together to begin.
  • Tell your students that today they'll be writing an opinion that matters.
  • Ask your class if they know what an opinion is. After some discussion, define an opinion as what someone believes or feels about something.
  • Explain that we often have reasons that support our opinions. Define reason as a convincing thought or piece of information.
  • Tell your students that every opinion in the classroom deserves respect. Define respect as showing and accepting that one's thoughts, ideas, and abilities are important.
  • Explain that understanding another's opinion is an important life skill.