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All the Ways to Count to 100

Get your students up and moving with this active lesson plan all about skip counting by tens! Can be used as a stand alone or support lesson for the **Math Moves** lesson plan.
This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the Math Moves lesson plan.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the Math Moves lesson plan.

Students will be able to count to 100 by tens.


Students will be able to explain how to skip count by tens using a hundreds chart and partner support.

(3 minutes)
  • Gather the class together for the start of the lesson.
  • Play the "Hundreds Chart Song" using the proejctor.
  • Say, "Today we are going to learn all about counting by tens to 100!"
(10 minutes)
  • Display the book, Monarch Migration Counting by 10s
  • Read the story aloud. Pause as you read to notice the pattern (tens) and encourage students to count with you by echo reading or reading chorally.
  • Using the Vocabulary Cards, introduce and define skip counting, tens, and chart by modeling how they go together when counting by tens.
  • Bring out the counting manipulatives and ask students, "How could I count 100?"
  • Model counting by ones, then pause and say, "This is taking me a long time. I wonder if it would be faster to count by tens?"
  • Count by tens, begin by grouping the items into piles of 10. Then, model using the hundreds chart to count by tens to 100.
(5 minutes)
  • Pass out the Hundreds Chart worksheet to each student along with a crayon or marker.
  • As a group, have the students each color in their numbers in the tens column of their chart.
  • Ask students to look at their colored in tens column and turn and talk to share with a partner what they notice (e.g., all end in zero, in a line, numbers go from 1-100, etc.).
  • Practice skip counting to 100 by tens. Have students go around in a circle and say the numbers in order (starting with 10), and jumping up as they say their number.
(15 minutes)
  • Explain that now students will get to work with a partner to practice putting the numbers 10-100 in order on a skip counting number line.
  • Show students the strips of tape and sticky notes. Model how to use the hundreds chart to write the numbers 10-100 on individual sticky notes, then order them on the line.
  • Have students physically walk or jump the number line, counting aloud as they go to get from 10-100 with their partner.
(10 minutes)
  • Display the book, Monarch Migration Counting by 10s


  • Allow students to count in their home language (L1).
  • Work with a small group of students to practice skip counting using movements (jumping jacks, arm motions, etc.).


  • Have students work together to skip count without using the hundreds chart.
  • Ask students to think about other strategies to keep track of numbers while counting to 100 and share with a partner.
(5 minutes)
  • Take note of how students interact with the hundreds chart to assess their ability to accurately count to 100 by tens.
  • Ask guiding questions to assess student understanding of skip counting by tens. For example, "What number comes after 10? How do you know? Where can I look if I get confused?"
(2 minutes)
  • Gather students back together and ask pairs to share how they knew the order to place their sticky notes on their number lines.
  • As a group practice speed skip counting while jumping for each number.

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