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Fun with Sight Words

Use this fun games-inspired lesson plan to review or preview sight words with your ELs as they practice reading and spelling high frequency words. This can be used as a stand-alone or support lesson for the Sight Word Bingo lesson plan.
This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the Sight Word Bingo lesson plan.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the Sight Word Bingo lesson plan.

Students will practice reading and spelling grade-level sight words.


Students will be able to read and use high frequency words using written supports.

(2 minutes)
  • Gather the class together and introduce the lesson by asking students if they like to play games.
  • Explain that today students will get to practice their reading and writing skills by playing a new game called "Sight Word Memory."
(15 minutes)
  • Introduce or review the target vocabulary words from the lesson using the vocabulary cards and glossary for reference.
  • Display one set of the sight word cards and read each word aloud while displaying the card to the class. Repeat a second time, this time having students read the card after you.
  • Explain that today students will get further practice reading and writing these sight words as they play a game called "Sight Word Memory."
  • Demonstrate playing the game with a student volunteer. Show students how both students will take their sight word cards and place them face down in mixed up order on the floor or table between them. Then one at a time, they will turn two cards over to try to find two matching sight words to make a pair. If a student finds a pair, they get to keep the cards. Explain that when students turn over their two cards, they should practice reading the words aloud.
  • Pair students up with a partner and have them play several rounds of the game together.
(10 minutes)
  • Display the Using Sight Words worksheet and review any new or unknown sight words with the class.
  • Demonstrate how to complete the worksheet by writing your own sentences.
  • Pass out the worksheets for students to complete independently.
(5 minutes)
  • Invite students to turn and share one of their sentences with a partner.
  • As time allows, have pairs share a sentence aloud with the group.


  • Have students practice using targeted sight words in sentence frames using the Learning Sight Words: "At" worksheet.
  • Further practice reading and writing sight words by having students use pipe cleaners or clay to create their own sight words.


  • Students can play additional games of Sight Word Memory using more complex sight words.
  • Encourage students to write additional sentences on their own using grade-level sight words.
(5 minutes)
  • Observe students as they play Sight Word Memory and assess their ability to read and use the sight words from the game.
  • Collect student work samples after the lesson has concluded to further assess if students are able to read, write, and use sight words accurately in a sentence.
(3 minutes)
  • Invite students to turn and talk to a partner to share the sentence they wrote with their two sight words.
  • Ask 1–2 students to share out their sentence with the whole class.
  • Close by reminding students that the more comfortable they are reading and writing sight words, the more they will able to read and use them.

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