Lesson Plan

Rounding Roundtable

Challenge students to talk about rounded numbers to the millions place value. Use this lesson as a standalone lesson or as support to the lesson Numbers All A-Round.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the Numbers All A-Round lesson plan.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the Numbers All A-Round lesson plan.



Students will be able to round numbers to the nearest hundred thousand.


Students will be able to discuss opinions about rounded numbers using repeated peer discussions and clarifying questions.


(5 minutes)
Place Value PuzzleAgree or Disagree: Rounding to the Nearest UnitClearer and Stronger Activity with NotesFormative Assessment: Peer Persuasion ChecklistVocabulary Cards: Rounding RoundtableGlossary: Rounding RoundtableTeach Background Knowledge TemplateWrite Student-Facing Language Objectives Reference
  • Distribute the Place Value Puzzle worksheet and ask students to create a number of their choice in the chart in the top. (Note: students will not complete any other problems.)
  • Gather background information about students' knowledge of the place value chart and the values listed by having them answer questions in partnerships. Ask questions like:
    • "Can you say your number aloud to your partner?"
    • "What number do you have in the hundreds place?"
    • "Is your number closer to 500,000 than your partner's number?"
    • "If you were to round your number to the nearest hundred thousand, would you round up or round down?"
  • Listen to all student conversations and note their vocabulary understanding to determine how much support they'll need throughout the lesson.
  • Have students share aloud their number ("My number is...") and what they would round that number to if they rounded to the nearest hundred thousand ("I would round my number to...").
  • Ask students if they agree or disagree with the rounded number ("I think the answer is correct because...").
  • Tell students today they will discuss the vocabulary used when talking about rounded numbers and whether the rounded number is correct or incorrect.