Lesson Plan

Snap Cube Numbers

In this hands-on lesson plan, students will learn all about place value while practicing their teen numbers. Can be used as a stand alone or support lesson for the **Place Value Practice** lesson plan.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the Place Value Practice lesson plan.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the Place Value Practice lesson plan.



Students will be able to compose and decompose numbers from 11 to 19 into 10 ones and some further ones using drawings and counting manipulatives.


Students will be able to describe the value of digits in the tens and ones places, and compose and decompose teen numbers with manipulatives using partner support.


(5 minutes)
The Way We Write Our NumbersTeach Background Knowledge TemplateWrite Student-Facing Language Objectives ReferenceVocabulary Cards: Snap Cube NumbersGlossary: Snap Cube Numbers
  • Gather students together for the lesson.
  • Play the "Something Happens in the Teens" song.
  • Tell the students to show you a number less than 10 on their fingers.
  • Ask, "Can just one person show 14 fingers?" Have students give you a thumbs up or thumbs down to share what they think.
  • Pair students together and have them work together to show 14 fingers.
  • Model a think aloud to share what you see, "I see one set of ten fingers, and four extra fingers. One set of ten plus four, is 14." Point to the raised fingers as you say, "Lets count by ten first: ten. Now lets count the leftovers: one, two, three, four. One ten and four ones makes 14."
  • Model showing and counting a few other teen numbers as a class.