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Vowels Are Special

In this fun alphabet-focused lesson plan, students will learn all about vowels! With a special focus on the letter A, this is a great way to help your students learn all about short vowel sounds. Can be used as a stand-alone or support lesson for the **A-E-I-O-U** lesson plan.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the A-E-I-O-Ulesson plan.
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This lesson can be used as a pre-lesson for the A-E-I-O-Ulesson plan.



Students will be able to recognize that every word has a vowel in it.


Students will be able to identify vowels in CVC words using visual supports.


(2 minutes)
ABC Coloring PageBeginning Reading: All About the Letter AMatching AnimalsTeach Background Knowledge TemplateWrite Student-Facing Language Objectives ReferenceVocabulary Cards: Vowels are SpecialGlossary: EL Support Lesson: Vowels Are Special
  • Gather the students together and say, "Today we are going to start our class by singing a new ABC song."
  • Play the Phonics Song 2 for the students.
  • Write up the five vowels on the board ("A," "E," "I," "O," "U") and say, "There are 26 letters in the alphabet. These five letters are special. They are called vowels. All words need at least one vowel in them."

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