Lesson Plan

Explaining Environmental Effects

What’s the impact? In this integrated language arts and science lesson students will explore causes and effects that specifically relate to environmental impact, including the effects of human actions.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to explain the cause and effect relationship between actions of individuals and the environmental impact.


(10 minutes)
Actions Around the HouseWhere's the Waste?Environmental Impact
  • Have the students make a circle around the classroom. Tell the students that they will be tossing a globe/ball to brainstorm ways that people can help or hurt the environment.
  • Begin with the topic of “helping the environment” and ask students to think of ways they can help the environment. Toss the ball to a student and allow that student to share. Then, have the student toss the ball to another student.
  • After a minute, transition to the topic of “hurting the environment.” Use the same procedure as students brainstorm ways that individuals can hurt the environment.
  • Tell the students that they will be reading about the specific ways an individual’s actions can have an effect on the environment. Relate this back to the reading skill of “cause and effect” and tell the students that they will be finding multiple effects in the text.