Lesson Plan

Exploring Homographs

There's no shortage of homographs in the English language, making them a fun topic to explore with your fourth graders! In this lesson, students will become experts on distinguishing the different meanings of homographs.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to determine the meaning of common homographs using context clues and write sentences showcasing their various meanings.


(5 minutes)
Words With Double MeaningsDouble Meaning: Practicing HomographsHomographs
  • Ask students if they have noticed that some words have more than one meaning. Invite them to share any examples they know, and discuss the multiple meanings. As they share their ideas, and throughout the rest of the lesson, write each homograph (just the word) on a sticky note and place it on the board to be used later as an assessment.
  • Inform students that today they will learn about a type of word called homographs.
  • Show students the video on homographs (see related media).
  • Ask students to turn to a partner, name a homograph they noticed in the video, and describe each meaning.