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Fairy Tales from Around the World: Cinderella

This colorful lesson combines reading comprehension with cultural awareness. Students will certainly have a blast comparing and contrasting Cinderella stories from two different countries.
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The students will be able to compare and contrast different adaptations of the same story.

(10 minutes)
  • As a whole group, explain to the students that they will be comparing and contrasting two versions of the story Cinderella.
  • Ask the students to help develop the main plot of the Cinderella story that they are most familiar with.
  • Inform the class that they will be reading versions of Cinderella from other countries.
(15 minutes)
  • Pass out the Venn Diagram worksheets. Go over the directions and ask the students if they have any questions.
  • Create a hand-drawn version of the diagram on the board.
  • Use an example like cat/dog to start filling out the diagram on the board so that students can get the hang of using Venn diagrams.
  • Tell your students that you will be filling out a Venn Diagram for two different versions of the story Cinderella: one from China and one from Korea.
(30 minutes)
  • Read aloud Yeh Shen by Ai-Ling Louie and The Korean Cinderella by Shirley Climo.
  • Make sure to emphasize the key terms as you read.
(15 minutes)
  • While you are reading the stories to the class, your students should be actively listening and filling in their Venn Diagram worksheets.
  • Allow extra time after the stories have been read for students to work independently and ask questions.
  • Enrichment: Have advanced students write their own versions of Cinderella.
  • Support: Provide struggling students with the Yeh Shen and The Korean Cinderella printouts. They can be allowed to reference the printouts during Independent Working Time.
(10 minutes)
  • Collect students' Venn diagram worksheets once they finish working. Review them later to assess their comprehension of the lesson content.
(20 minutes)
  • Come back together as a whole group and discuss the similarities and differences of both versions of Cinderella.
  • Review some or all of the vocabulary words from the stories.
  • Ask students to point out similarities and differences between the two new versions and the version they're most familiar with.

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