Lesson Plan

Fall Leaf Patterns

Get your students to enjoy the fall weather while making beautiful leaf patterns inspired by Andy Goldworthy.
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Learning Objectives

Students will create patterns using objects found in nature. Then they will discuss what is seen in works of art made by others.

This art lesson corresponds to California Visual and Performing Arts Standards: 2.1 Create patterns and three-dimensional arrangements (using manipulatives or blocks). 4.1 Discuss what is seen in works of art. 4.4 Select works of art by others and tell what they like about them.


(5 minutes)
  • Tell students that today we will be doing art projects outside. We will take pictures of our projects but we won't be able to take them home.
  • Project pictures of Andy Goldworthy's fall leaves series.
  • Ask students what they see in Goldworthy's work. What **patterns **do they see? What colors? What shapes?