Lesson Plan

Farm Alphabet Bingo

In this lesson, students will fill their barns with farm animals by matching, identifying, and connecting the sounds of letters with their symbols.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to match alphabet letters with ones that are shown. Students will be able to identify letters by name and sound.


(10 minutes)
  • Before the lesson, make 26 small barn cutouts, and write each upper- and lowercase pair on every card. For example, on one of the barns, write Aa, and on the second barn, write Bb. Do this with the entire alphabet. These will serve as your calling letters.
  • Make larger 11" x 16" barn cutouts that have seven letter pairs on each. Mix up the letter pairs you use on the different cards so that each student has different letters on his card. This will serve as the students' bingo cards. These will serve as their bingo cards. For example, write seven pairs such as Aa and Dd on one barn. Write seven pairs that include different letters on the other ones.
  • Introduce the lesson by showing your students a picture of a barn, explaining that it is a storage place found on a farm.
  • Give each student one bingo card and seven animal cutouts to use as bingo markers.
  • If you call out a letter that the student has on his card, direct him to cover the letter up with an animal cutout.