Lesson Plan

Fiction Genres Library Exploration

How familiar are your fourth graders with the fictional genres available in their class or school libraries? This lesson introduces them to many genres of fictional books so they can get off to a terrific start of fourth grade reading.
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Need extra help for EL students? Try the Basic Fiction Summaries pre-lesson.
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Need extra help for EL students? Try the Basic Fiction Summaries pre-lesson.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe and identify various fictional genres in the classroom or school library.

The adjustment to the whole group lesson is a modification to differentiate for children who are English learners.
EL adjustments


(5 minutes)
Genre Guide & Reading ChallengeWhat is Science Fiction?What is Historical Fiction?What is Fantasy?What is Mystery?
  • Divide a piece of chart paper in half horizontally and write the word genre in the middle of the top half. Ask students to turn to a partner to share their background knowledge on this term. Explain that genre means type or category of something—in this case, different types of writing.
  • Call on a few students to share their conversation and take notes on the chart paper based on their comments.
  • Repeat with the word fiction, written on the bottom half of the chart paper. Ask students to share what they know about this term. Confirm that fiction involves writing that is imaginary, or not real, and can come in many forms or categories.
  • Explain to students that today they will explore the classroom library to find different types of fictional genre books.


  • Provide student-friendly definitions in English and students' home language (L1), along with an image (if applicable) for the terms "fiction," "genre," "category," and "library."


  • Show some examples of fiction books from your class to give students a concrete understanding of the type of writing.