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Fifth Grade Daily Sub Plan Day 3

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CLICK on the image to download the one-day sub plan.

  • With these lessons, activities, and worksheets, students will be able to:
    • Use centimeter cubes to create 3-D shapes and measure volume
    • Create 3-D figures with centimeter graph paper
    • Differentiate between facts and opinions
    • Share opinions about the first and fourth amendments in the Constitution
    • Develop a plan for a persuasive letter that includes an opinion supported by evidence
    • Create a chain of their strengths

CLICK on the image to download the complete sub plan.

  • Take the worry out of planning for a sub in the classroom when you use this one-day sub plan! All the resources are carefully chosen to allow students to continue their learning even when their teacher is absent. Throughout this day, the substitute will conduct math, reading, and writing lessons. The social studies and science content is both integrated in the literacy lessons and addressed in the connected content section.
  • In general, this daily plan breaks down into this approximate time frame for the day:
    • Two to three hours of literacy
    • One hour of math
    • One hour of connected content (social studies and/or science)
    • Thirty minutes of art, movement, or fun.

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