Lesson Plan

Finding Fractions of a Set

This lesson will surely stick after students take part in an activity where they determine fractions of a set using colorful craft sticks.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify fractions within a set.


(10 minutes)
Fractions of a Set: Spring Things
  • Review with students what they know about fractions. Review numerator, the number on top of the fraction, denominator, the number on the bottom of the fraction that represents the total of the set, or the group of values being observed.
  • Tell students that today they will learn about fractions, or specific portions, of a set. Explain that fractions from a set are similar to the fractions they have already learned. The main difference is that we can think of the set as a whole and each item that makes up the set as an equal part.
  • Call several volunteers up to the front of the group. Explain to the students that the group of volunteers together is the whole. Count each student and label the total as the denominator. Each person in the group is a part. Model finding and writing the different types of fractions that can be found in the set. For example, the fraction of boys, the fraction of girls, fraction of students wearing glasses, etc.