Lesson Plan

Finding Perimeter

In this lesson, students will find the perimeter of figures using cheese crackers. Next, they'll design a floor plan for their cheese cracker dream house, to help them practice and retain the formula for finding perimeter.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to find the perimeter of a given geometric figure.


(10 minutes)
Find the Perimeter
  1. Play the video Perimeter, by Math Antics, for the class to introduce the concept of perimeter.
  2. Once the video is complete, ask for a volunteer to tell you the definition of perimeter.
  3. Write the definition on the board.
  4. Draw a few figures on the board, along with the lengths of their sides.
  5. Challenge students to find the perimeter of the geometrical figures you’ve drawn.
  6. Each time a student answers, correctly or incorrectly, explain the reasoning behind each figure’s perimeter.