Lesson Plan

Flower Garden: Literacy

How does your garden grow? In this lesson, students will practice listening comprehension, vocabulary, and story sequencing. This hands-on art and literacy lesson is perfect for Earth Day, or any nature unit.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to use illustrations and details in a story to describe its events.


(15 minutes)
  • Begin the lesson by introducing your class to the story Flower Garden.
  • Activate prior knowledge by showing the class the book cover and asking questions. Good examples include: What do you think this story is about? What clues inform your guess? What is a garden?
  • Refer to the illustration on the book cover. Explain to the students that illustrations, or pictures, in a story can help us understand what happens in the story. What happens in the story can also be referred to as the events of a story.
  • Show each of the props or images. Ask the class if anyone can tell you what each object is. This quick vocabulary lesson will help students stay engaged while the story is read and support English Learners in understanding important vocabulary words.