Lesson Plan

Fraction Foodie

Give your students practice creating models with fractions from recipes! Your students will build an appetite for learning all about fractions, while “filling” measuring cup models with different ingredients to represent fractions.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to draw models for fractions with various numerators and denominators.


(10 minutes)
Measuring Cup
  • Begin the lesson by asking your students if they've ever followed a recipe. Potential guiding questions include: Have you ever followed a recipe? What sorts of measurements do you find in recipes?
  • Have students read the sample recipe you found on the chart.
  • Direct your students to identify the fractions.
  • Ask students to describe how the fractions are alike and different.
  • Pass around the measuring cup for students to examine.
  • Ask your students how they could use the same measuring cup to measure all of these different ingredients.
  • Explain that the measuring cup is one whole.