Lesson Plan

Fractions on the Dollar with Number Lines

Teach your students about money and fractions with this game! They’ll be converting fractions, citing money amounts, and even using a number line while playing a dice game.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to express fractional money amounts relative to a dollar while playing an engaging dice game.


(5 minutes)
  • Roll a six-sided die in front of your class and show the number to everyone.
  • Ask your class, "How much money would each roll be worth if you had 5 cents times each different amount you could roll?" Have them think in pairs and share with a neighbor.
  • Discuss the answer as a class and post your pre-prepared chart displaying each rolled amount: Rolling 1 yields 0.05 cents, 2 yields 0.10 cents, 3 yields 0.15 cents, 4 yields 0.20 cents, 5 yields 0.25 cents, and 6 yields 0.30 cents.
  • Explain that today your class will play a game where this chart will be an important reference resource.