Lesson Plan

Full of Fantastic Fun: The Letter F

Fantastic! Fun! Fabulous! In this phonics lesson, your class will learn all about the letter F through words, letter-sound correspondence, writing, and a fun frog song.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify words that begin with the letter F. Students will be able to make the sound of the letter F. Students will be able to form the letters Ff.


(5 minutes)
Finger Play Fun: Five Little Speckled FrogsCoin Toss: FrogAll About the Letter F
  • Display the images of things that begin with F so that all of your students can see them. Possible images could include: flag, frog, fish, fan, football, flower, fire, etc.
  • Go through the items one-by-one, having your students say the name of each item aloud.
  • Ask students what all the pictures have in common. After a few students answer, explain that today the class will be learning about the letter F.