Lesson Plan

Fun With Blends

Give your students the extra motivation they need to master consonant blends. Hook them in with this exciting lesson on the L blend. Expose them to beginning blends such as FL, SL, CL, GL, and BL.
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In this first grade reading and writing lesson plan, young learners will practice using blends with the letter L to make familiar words. Throughout the lesson, children will have fun with blends such as fl, cl, sl, and gl as they combine blends with word endings to spell words like flower, sleep, and glue. This lesson plan is a great way to increase phonological awareness and reinforce important spelling patterns that learners are sure to encounter again and again.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify and use consonant blends with the letter L to make words.


(10 minutes)
Complete the L Blends
  • Ask students to identify what letter comes after K in the alphabet.
  • Ask students to make the L sound.
  • Tell students that today they will be learning L blends.