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Generate It!

Students will practice generating ideas for future stories while also working on their word spacing skills!
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Students will be able to generate a list of ideas for future stories. Students will be practice keeping letters in a word together while making space between words.

(5 minutes)
  • Introduce the lesson by writing a numbered list on the whiteboard and modeling thinking aloud.
  • Say, “I can’t wait for our writing time today. I have so many good ideas for new stories! What if I forget my good ideas? I know, I’ll make a list.”
(5 minutes)
  • Explain that sometimes we have lots of good ideas for story writing, but can’t remember any of them when it is time to write! If we generate ideas -- that means think about our ideas ahead of time -- and record them, then we’ll always have something to write about.
(5 minutes)
  • Model writing topics in a list format for future story ideas (e.g. The time I learned to ride my bike, my birthday party, walking to school).
  • Ask the students to notice each part of your list. Point out your words and how each word has a space between it. Remind students that they should use their finger to make a space between each word, this will make their list easier to read when they come back to it.
  • Highlight one idea on your list. Ask students to notice how you sounded out each word and made sure that all of the letters in the word were written close together. This will also make reading the list easier to read when they come back to it.
  • Tell your students that now they will get a chance to generate their own list of writing ideas.
(15 minutes)
  • Pass out the Writing Ideas worksheet to each student. Go over the directions again as needed.
  • Circulate around the classroom and work with individual students who need additional support.
  • Enrichment: Have more advanced students add more details to the ideas on their list.

  • Support: Struggling students can write a list of ideas using pictures and/or focus on writing one to two words per list item.
(5 minutes)
  • Collect the Writing Ideas worksheets from the students and assess if students were able to generate several ideas for future stories.
  • Check to see if students were able to create space between words and group letters together within words.
(5 minutes)
  • Ask a few volunteers to share an idea from their worksheet with the class.
  • Answer student questions and/or review as needed.

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