Lesson Plan

Goal Setting

In this lesson, students will identify what they already know about a topic, what they need to know, and how they will achieve their learning goal.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to identify how many words they can read from a reading list, set goals on how many words they would like to learn to read, and monitor their progress.


(10 minutes)
Goal Setting with Reading Words
  • Join the class together in a circle, either seated or standing.
  • Tell them that today they will be learning about setting goals.
  • Write "Setting Goals" on the board.
  • Show the "Setting Goals" video.
  • Ask students to notice the tips Tim gives for setting goals in the video.
  • After the video, write the tips on board:
    1. Write the goal down.
    2. Set a date to complete.
    3. Ask: "Is this goal possible?"
    4. Break the goal into smaller goals.
    5. Work in a "goal group."
  • Ask, "How did Moby achieve his running goal?"
  • Ask the class, "What are goals?" Then, ask, "What are some goals you have set over the past week? How did you complete them?" Build upon their answers, and, if necessary, provide examples like "cleaning up my room."