Lesson Plan

Graphing a Fruit Survey

What's your favorite fruit? In this lesson, your students will practice important skills by learning to interpret and present data in a visual form.
Need extra help for EL students? Try the Pet Survey pre-lesson.
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Need extra help for EL students? Try the Pet Survey pre-lesson.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to organize, represent and interpret data with up to three categories. Students will be able to ask and answer questions about the total number of data points, how many are in each category, and how many more or less are in one category than in another.

The adjustment to the whole group lesson is a modification to differentiate for children who are English learners.
EL adjustments


(10 minutes)
Blank Bar GraphFruit SurveyGraph It Fruit
  • Explain to your students that they will work on surveying and graphing today.
  • Remind your students that a survey is a questionnaire about a topic. Tell them that the information recorded is called data, and that this data is often put into a graph, which is a visual representation that organizes data.


  • Create graphs with two or three categories and survey the class during your morning routine. Ask questions such as "What type of lunch will you have?" (home lunch/school lunch) or "How do you get to school?" (walk, car, bike bus).

Intermediate * Ask students to brainstorm different types of graphs. Show examples of bar graphs and pie charts.