Lesson Plan

Heights on a Data Line Plot

Measure to the nearest quarter-inch with your students and teach them to organize data into a line plot graph using this highly interactive lesson plan!
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to measure to the nearest quarter-inch and organize the data using a line plot graph.


(5 minutes)
Student Height Line Plot
  • Write ‘eye color’ on the board and announce, “Tell a neighbor what color your your eyes are - have them check to be sure!”
  • While students are talking, on the same line as ‘eye-color,’ write other eye colors like: Light brown, dark brown, blue, hazel, and green.
  • In a roll call fashion, have your students call out their eye colors by rows, tables, or groups.
  • As they do, mark an ‘x’ above each color you hear until you every student has answered. Add any colors to your row that you may have left out.