Lesson Plan

Helpers in Our School Community

Who is who in your school community? In this lesson, students will learn about the people who work at their school and how everyone helps each other to keep the school running safely.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to describe and write about one school community helper and explain how that person contributes to keep the school community safe and happy.


(2 minutes)
  • Tell your students that they are part of a school community. Ask the class if anyone knows what a community is.
  • After some discussion, define community as a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Explain that everyone at school contributes in their own special way to make sure students learn safely and happily. Give an example of a person at school, and a contribution that they make. For example: "The custodian at our school cleans up everyday. The custodian makes sure that we avoid slipping on garbage in the hallway, or getting sick from germs."
  • Tell the students that contribute means to help. Explain that people can contribute in different ways, like helping students read, helping to clean, or helping to organize an event at school.

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