Lesson Plan

Activist Heroes

Fully adaptable, this lesson can be used to to highlight African American leaders, famous women, veterans, or any other group of individuals who have acted heroically and have positively influenced our nation!
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Learning Objectives

The students will be able to identify the heroic actions of various leaders, connect qualities of individuals to specific actions that display these characteristics, research and read about the characteristics of various heroes, and produce informative text that includes a main idea and supporting details.


(5 minutes)
  • Ask the students to describe qualities that make someone a hero.
  • List these qualities on a piece of chart paper or the board and then challenge students to think of specific actions that are connected to these qualities. For example, students may say that someone is generous. An action that shows generosity could be giving meals to the homeless.
  • Draw an arrow between each trait and action. If desired, use the provided SMARTBoard file or PDF to record the students' ideas.
  • Tell the students that they will be researching various heroes and finding out what they did to help our country.