Lesson Plan

Homograph Riddles

In this lesson, students will solve homograph riddles and create their own riddles for peers to solve. These engaging activities will increase their repertoire of homographs.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to write and solve homograph riddles, and use homographs correctly in a sentence.


(2 minutes)
Homograph Clues
  • Write the following homograph riddles on the board and read them aloud to students:
    • I am a word that means the place where you wash your hands or the opposite of "float." What word am I?
    • I am a word that means the sound a dog makes to communicate or the outside part of a tree trunk. What word am I?
  • Tell students to guess the answer to the riddles and share with an elbow partner. Then, call on a few students to share their answers aloud to the class.
  • Inform students that this type of word is called a homograph. A homograph is a word that is spelled the same but has multiple meanings.