Lesson Plan

Homophone Posters

Homophones are frequently misused in student writing. This lesson teaches students about many of the commonly misused homophones through the creation of a poster on one set of homophones.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to distinguish between the meanings of commonly misused homophones.


(5 minutes)
Tricky HomophonesHomophone Hero
  • Read the following paragraph aloud to students twice, the first time without showing them the text, and the second while showing it on the document camera:
    • "Their once was a man who went to the see to sea a grate big wail. The animal was stranded on the beach, and found itself stuck in a whole. The man new it would be an amazing sight because the whale was knot asleep, but in fact, wide awake. As it had been they're for a while, the wail had a pungent sent to it. When the man's eyes fell on the whale, he staired at it intently for it was the most beautiful animal he had ever seen."
  • Ask students to discuss with a partner the problem(s) with this paragraph (it is full of misused homophones).
  • Call on a few students to point out the problematic words and tell them that these words are called homophones.