Lesson Plan

Houses and Homes Around the World

Students will learn about the different kinds of houses people live in around the world and how they relate to a culture, environment, and country.
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This social studies lesson plan introduces young learners to different types of houses and homes around the world. With the help of the book Houses and Homes by Ann Morris, students will use critical thinking skills to explore how weather, environment, and other factors impact the kinds of houses that are built in different places. Children will then draw a picture of their own home. Designed for kindergarteners and first graders, this lesson is a great way to engage young minds in a discussion about diversity, community, and cultures.

Learning Objectives

Students will have knowledge of different kinds of houses around the world.


(10 minutes)
About My Home
  • Tell students that today we are going to learn about houses.
  • Ask students if they know what their homes are made from. Give them possible materials like wood or concrete.
  • Tell the students that people around the world have different kinds of houses due to the weather, climate, and living conditions of their environment.
  • Ask the students if they can think of any examples. If not, give them some examples.