Lesson Plan


Your students will consider this lesson the "Super Bowl" of all lessons as they learn to use hyperbole to enhance their own writing.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will understand the purpose of hyperbole and be able to identify it.


(5 minutes)
Hyperbole for KidsWhat is Hyperbole?HyperboleHysterical HyperbolesHyperbole Story
  • Have students complete the Hyperbole for Kids worksheet.
  • Allow students to share what they have written.
  • Tell students that according to the worksheet, hyperboles are obvious and usually funny exaggerations.
  • Tell them that hyperboles are used to add description and usually humor to a text.
  • Explain to students that in this lesson, they will examine and create examples of hyperbole to understand that it's used to add exaggerated description to text and make things seems better or worse than what they actually are.