Lesson Plan

I Have, Who Has? Sight Word Practice

A fun spin on a classic game! This sight word game will help your students with their reading fluency and reinforce foundational reading skills. Students should be fairly fluent in reading Pre-Primer Dolch sight words prior to the lesson.
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Learning Objectives

  • Students will recognize both decodable and irregularly spelled sight words.
  • Students will read basic sight words fluently.


(5 minutes)
I Have, Who Has Cards
  • Begin your lesson by explaining to your students that they will be playing a fun game to help them build their reading fluency. Remind them that fluency is how fast or slow someone reads, and that having good reading fluency will help them become better readers.
  • Explain that when your students can recognize sight words that are common but hard to sound out, they improve their reading fluency.
  • Ask your students what sight words they have seen. Possible answers can include words from the Pre-Primer Dolch list: blue, make, look, etc.