Lesson Plan

Sentence Variety

During this lesson, students will learn how to edit their writing. They will edit their writing by adding variety to their sentences. Students will also work on writing sentences that are clearer to the reader.
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Learning Objectives

Students will understand the importance of using sentence variety. Students will edit their writing by using sentence variety.


(5 minutes)
  1. Introduce the concept of sentence variety to the class by writing three very similar sentences on the board. For example: I like my bike. I like my hat. I like my cat. You can choose any sentences you may like.
  2. Ask the students what they think of the sentences. Some sample discussion questions include: What do they like about them? What do they dislike? Why? How could each sentence be better?
  3. Does your class notice how repetitive these three sentences are? If so, explain that without sentence variety, writing tends to get boring quickly.
  4. Define sentence variety as sentences that start and end differently and are of varying lengths.
  5. Tell the class that today, they will be working on adding sentence variety to their writing.