Lesson Plan

It’s My Opinion

Forming and sharing opinions is a vital part of self-expression. Use the following lesson to help your students write opinions and support them with three convincing reasons.
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What’s your opinion? Convince everyone that you are right! In the lesson plan It’s My Opinion, first-grade students will take a closer look at opinion writing as they practice key reading and writing skills. After learning about opinions, reasons, and the idea of a closing statement, students will share an original opinion about their favorite animal. They’ll have to provide three reasons to support their opinion and find a way to wrap up their thoughts!

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to write an opinion piece that includes stating an opinion, supplying three reasons for the opinion, and providing a sense of closure.


(5 minutes)
What’s Your Favorite Animal?
  • Gather your students together to begin.
  • Tell your students that today they'll be writing an opinion about a favorite animal and three reasons to support their opinion.
  • Ask for volunteers to tell you what an opinion is. After some discussion, explain that an opinion is what someone believes or feels about something.
  • Have a few students share what they think a reason is. Then, define reason as a convincing thought or piece of information which can help explain opinions.
  • Tell your class that convincing means making an individual or audience believe that what someone says is true or real.