Lesson Plan

Kindness Goes a Long Way

Performing acts of kindness and love can bring classrooms together! In this lesson, students will hear true stories of random acts of kindness and will perform kind deeds of their own in groups.
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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to discuss what it means to be kind and will perform random acts of kindness in groups.


(10 minutes)
  • Share a story of a kind deed someone once did for you and how that made you feel. Then share a story of a kind deed you did for someone else and how that made you feel.
  • Ask students to share in pairs when they experienced both the giving and receiving of a kind deed.
  • Have a few students share out with the whole class.
  • Build on student answers and make connections with their comments.
  • Now ask students to reflect on why it is important to engage in kind acts. Take a few comments from the class and share that today the class will be focused on acts of kindness.